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I have always been fascinated with human behaviour; why do we do, say, think and feel in the ways we do? We can get overwhelmed and confused about our behaviour and therapy is an experience that allows us to take the time to understand ourselves and the life situations that happen upon us.

Counselling and therapy with me is a place in which you can speak freely and have the space to sort through your thoughts and feelings.  I believe the therapy space is like no other in our lives; all of what we are may well be accepted by our friends, family and loved ones and, this is often what we expect from those we love and who love us.  However, to reveal all of what we are to someone we don't know and to still be accepted by them is so incomprehensibly powerful in aiding us to accept ourselves.  This is one of the most wonderful elements of the therapeutic relationship.  Among other things, I believe so much in the power of acceptance; psychotherapy is the act of looking into how we are, which is, how we think and feel, which is, how we behave.  Accepting how we are, how we behave, can be transformative in bringing about a peace with oneself.  The acceptance of situations is also not lost on this; acceptance of ourselves, of how things are, will, I believe, set you free.

I trained at The Metanoia Institute in London and gained a BSc (Hons) Degree in Humanistic Counselling.  I then extended my training and gained a MSc Degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy.


I currently have over 2000 client hours and have worked with many people of differing ages, culture, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, disability, illness and socioeconomic position. My diverse client-base has too brought a diverse range of subject matter, including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, bereavement, existential crises, identity, past negative experiences, childhood, sexuality, relationships, marriage, children, family, bipolar, dissociative identity disorder, self-esteem, confidence, abuse, assault, media spotlight trauma, alcohol use, cannabis use, hoarding, fears, questions and confusions about self, trauma, obsessive compulsive behaviour and shame.  

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